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Ronnie Shemesh
President and Chief Value Creation Officer

Ronnie Shemesh, President and Chief Value Creation Officer of Lux Group Holdings joined the company in 2019 and as well as being majority shareholder, is the visionary leading the re-definition and re-calibration of luxury kitchen and home furniture brands Smallbone, Mark Wilkinson, Brookmans by Smallbone, and McCarron. Building a business for generations to come, Ronnie’s ambition is to build Lux Group Holdings into an overarching luxury powerhouse, presenting multiple luxury brands each of which represent the very best in terms of design, innovation, technology, craftsmanship and quality.

Since the age of 16, Ronnie has built and defined businesses, from manufacturing, to inventing and pioneering design solutions, all of which have improved how millions live their lives. Ron’s vision is to reinvent luxury retail, focusing on experience and immersive environments, with exceptional service and product collections, all of which are shoppable both in traditional bricks and mortar retail showrooms, as well as via e-commerce.

Ronnie is driving forward revolutionary change, redefining the luxury retail experience that we know today, and putting the customer at the very heart of the experience. With technology as a focus, creativity and a digital first approach, all of which allow the client to fully customise their own experience and realise their own reality.

Lux Group Holdings plans acquisitions of further luxury home offerings and intends to present their handcrafted collections across the world. From home furniture bespoke design creations to vast multi-unit developer projects, Lux Group Holdings caters for all. Soon to open are the Smallbone Brompton Gate Showroom in London’s Knightsbridge and the Smallbone Greenwich Showroom in Connecticut. Lux Group Holdings will be launching further showrooms in the USA and thereafter, moving into Asia and the Middle East, where the brands have experienced significant success over the last 40 years.

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